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We have a clear vision for the future. Everyone should be able to live a better life, feel the freedom and optimism. Therefore, we are investing in more jobs and a better education for all. 

Here you will find information about our political standpoints. We believe in human equality and solidarity for a better future. The best way for you to get involved is to become a member.

Stefan Löfven hälsar Ardalan Shekarabi med son välkommen till Almedalen 2013

Party Congress 2017

Secutiry in a new era - political guidelines draft (pdf)

Party Congress 2015

Download the reports from the congress 2015:

Sweden's new jobs agenda 2015 (pdf)

A handshake for the party of the future 2015 (pdf)

Constitution 2015 (pdf)

A better Sweden for everyone - Read about our ideas regarding jobs, education and welfare

Arabic (pdf) 
Bosnian (pdf)
Croatian (pdf)
English (pdf)
Farsi (pdf)
Finnish (pdf)
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Together for a better future - how to become a member

Being a member of the Social Democratic Party means standing for and creating a society based on our values, which are that all human beings are born equal. 

As a member, you will be supporting those ideas you believe in, and if you decide to become actively involved you can also help work to bring them about. Your membership will then be an opportunity for you to change your life and that of others!

Arabic (pdf)
Bosnian (pdf)
Croatian (pdf)
English (pdf)
Farsi (pdf)
Finnish (pdf)
Kurmanji (pdf)
Serb (pdf)
Somali (pdf)
Sorani (pdf)
Spanish (pdf)

Other information

In English

An introduction to the The Swedish Social Democratic Party (pdf)
Stefan Löfvens inauguration speech, the party congress 2013 (pdf)
What is Social Democracy English (pdf)

In Russian

What is Social Democracy Russian (pdf)

باللغة العربية

Welcome as a Party member in Arabic (pdf)

The Swedish Social Democratic Party is a full member of:

The Socialist International
The Party of European Socialists
SAMAK - The Joint Committee of the Nordic Social Democratic Labour Movement.


If you have any question about our international policy or international work please send an E-mail

 A handshake for the party of the future_2015.pdf

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