Speech by Margot Wallström

Memorial ceremony for Anna Lindh, 19 September 2003, Margot Wallström's speechCHECK AGAINST DELIVERY!

You had a fantastic mother, David and Filip!

She was the best friend you can imagine:

She said what she thought - honestly and directly.

She inspired the rest of us - with sharp analyses and strong commitment.

She was a fighter - setbacks and disappointments could not break her.

She was thoughtful - sending greetings on a postcard, an sms or with a cheerful giggle on the telephone.

You can carry the memory of her with pride throughout your lives!

You lent your wise, beautiful mother to the world and we are so grateful for this.

As a politician, Anna managed to experience and achieve a very great deal, but do you know what she was most proud of? You, of course!

Two fine boys who were in her thoughts all the time and everywhere she went.

In this way, you were actually the main characters at the UN General Assembly.

And you were at the EU summit meetings.

At the summit meeting in Nyköping, you were the most important participants - because Anna always had you in mind - and loved to talk about you often.

I know the days will be hard for you now. Sorrow is like walking on ice formed overnight. When the thin surface of self-control breaks, the tears and despair burst out. "Is there anything good about life, when this has happened?"

But I think Anna would have said:

  • we build the future together, and don't underestimate your role
  • we must find the good within ourselves, and share it with others
  • we must never let meaningless violence triumph - love conquers violence.

And however difficult it is, however impossible to believe, things will change for the better at some point. Sooner or later, somewhere, sorrow will disappear.

All the sooner, because our memories of Anna are so positive.

She lives on in us as she was and as what she believed in.

David and Filip: you can carry on talking to her, and her voice will remain within you.

Joy always has a last smile to give.

Love has left its perfume

which lingers long after.

Someone keeps these things safe

Deep in the heart of their loss.

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