Speech by Ibrahim Baylan

The Swedish Social Democratic Party
The Congress for Jobs October 28th – November1st 2009

Speech by Ibrahim Baylan National Secretary
October 30th

A modern popular movement for jobs and justice 

The Social Democrats should focus on strengthening and developing the organization to win the next election. By enlarging the party with more members and at the same time opening up for simpler ways to get involved in party politics we will reach out to more and new supporters. 
We will continue to develop the party into a modern popular movement. The first thing we must do is to broaden the membership so that it reflects the population in terms of diversity and age structure, and that we use new arenas as social media that people can easily be part of the party, said party secretary Ibrahim Baylan. 
By increasing the proportion of LO (The confederation of Swedish Trade Unions) members in the party should also be able to take better advantage of the experience of LO members. All elected officials in the unions affiliated to the LO will be offered membership in the party and a broad recruitment drive will be carried out directed at workplace union representatives in the run-up to the election in 2010.
To ensure that each member feels that their involvement in the party matters there will be an extensive drive on training and education. Every member will be offered training in the party's history, ideology and organization. A new progressive membership training will be developed with the aid of the party's internal community, "Sosserian", accessible to all members regardless of where they live. Qualified studies within the party will be offered through its new venture Campus Bommersvik, which will develop into a meeting point for committed social democrats. 
Congress passed resolutions accepting the SSU's motion on having as a goal that 25 percent of those on Social Democratic voting papers will be under 35 years of age and have a safe seat. The candidate's age should also be recorded on the voting papers. 

Congress approved the party executive's proposal to strengthen the trade union-political presence in local municipalities.

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