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Information in other languages

On this page you find information about The Swedish Social Democratic Party and our policies in other languages ​​than Swedish.

Our Sweden can do better

The Social Democrats have three priorities. We will combat crime and end segregation, take back democratic control over the welfare system, and lead the green transition for more environmentally friendly jobs.

Combat crime and end segregation

Society’s fight against crime must be relentless. All neighbourhoods must be safe and the living conditions in the most vulnerable areas must be improved. Everybody who can work must work.

Take back democratic control over the welfare system

There needs to be order in our schools, health and elderly care. Employees must have good working conditions, and Sweden’s population should be in control the welfare system they pay for with their own tax money.

Lead the green transition and fast track more environmentally friendly jobs

Sweden’s population cannot be dependent on rogue states to be able to drive their cars or heat up their homes. By transforming our industries and energy production, we will create a Sweden that’s more secure, create new green jobs and reduce emissions.

Information from the 2022 Swedish general elections

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